Matthew Schad

Matthew Schad

Journey into minimalism

When I moved to Florida on Christmas, I purged almost all of my possessions. Seriously, almost everything.

At first, I considered it a culmination of losses - now, after pulling the trigger, I think only benefits came from it.

There are a plethora of things I owned that didn't bring as much value to my life as I thought they would:

  • a photo backdrop
  • standing Desk
  • $400 chair
  • Yeti microphone
  • LED ring light
  • IKEA furniture for the company I never had
  • IKEA rugs
  • IKEA chest of drawers containing nothing but items that didn't provide value
  • road bike that I never rode
  • clothes that didn't fit well or look good
  • instant pot that didn't get used
  • blender that didn't get used
  • car
  • plenty of other shit that I can't remember

I also had collected home-workout equipment since my apartment building gym wasn't open due to lockdown measures. I didn't feel like leaving and going on a trip to the gym every day. Home gyms can take up quite a bit of space in a studio apartment.

The Move

When I packed my bags, I left with:

I fit everything into two suitcases.

I fell into the trap of purchasing to fill tiny pockets of required dopamine rather than living life itself.

Moving forward, I will actively ask, "does this bring me value," before I waste my space, time, and energy.